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August 20.2008
Pirtek Gemma Magica
(natural bobtail)

owner Anastasia Mutsenek,  Russia

8 weeks,  07.08.2008 ゥ  Eeva Lampikari
BIS-Baby at Aleksandrov Dog Show 20.09.2008

逼ovember 26.2007
Pirtek La Musica Lenta 
owner Anastasia Mutsenek,  Russia
kennel Nostalgi

3 x the Best Puppy at Dog Shows in Russia
BOB-Junior & Junior World Winner-2008 at WW-08 Dog Show, Sweden

逼ovember 09.2007
Pirtek La Musica Gaia
owner Camilla Sjgren
kennel Lyktt舅darens,  Sweden

桧ctober 31.2007 :
Pirtek Piana Dantalian
owner Ingvild Ruud Lie
kennel Imme's, Norway


柊pril 12.2007 :
Pirtek Canzone D'Mare  "Marco"
owner Dorota Wronska,
kennel Gratia Superis, Poland

18.04.07 ゥ Dorota Wronska

柊ugust 14.2005 :
Two cardigan male puppies of Wilma's V-litter moved to the USA :

Pirtek Vento Caldo "McCoy"  is owned by  Qwaynt's Kennel, MN
     Vento Caldo   Vento Caldo
Pirtek Vento Caldo, male
d..o.b.  5/24/2005
Pirtek Vento D'Maggio "Oliver" is owned by Garrett Ramsay, MN
Vento D'Maggio    Vento D'Maggio
Pirtek Vento D'Maggio , male
d.o.b.   5/24/2005
Photos 8/6/2005  ゥ E.Lampikari

弼uly 29.2005 :
A cardigan female puppy of Wilma's V-litter moved to Poland.
She is owned by her "daddy's" owner Magda Zalewska, kennel Uszaki & Magda Kowalewska.
7/25/2005  ゥ E.Lampikari
Pirtek Vento Notturno, female
d.o.b.    5/24/2005


筆ay 13.2005 :
A cardigan puppy of Hilppa's U-litter moved to Estonia.
She is owned by Kllike Laas,
Pixieville Cardigans.
Pirtek Una Mela D'Maga "Pippin", female
d.o.b.  2/24/2005
Oct. 16.2005 Rakvere National Show:  BOB-Puppy

October 14, 2004 :
A cardigan puppy of Tyyne's S-litter moved to the USA.
She is owned by  Qwaynt's Kennel, MN.
Pirtek Storia Frottola, female
d.o.b.  7/29/2004

October 2003 :
A cardigan male puppy of Hilppa's Q-litter moved to
As his new owner told:  He is THE FIRST CARDIGAN CORGI in Israel so it is HISTORY!

Pirtek Quarto Fratello
     born Aug.10/2003


August 2002 :
One cardigan puppy of Hilppa's I-litter -02 moved to the USA.

August 2001 :
Three cardigan puppies of Rauha's G-litter -2001 moved abroad,
two to America and one to Russia.
They all have very lovely new homes there.

Cardigangirl-Marti, USA,    
Photo ゥ C. Simermeyer

Pirtek Guazza Mattina

Cardiganboy-Jolly, USA,
 Photo ゥ V. Lobreau

Pirtek Gaio Vagabondo
4.6.2001 - 21.1.2017

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