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Top Winning "Pirtek" Corgis in Finland 2006

Top Cardigan Dog
#1 Uszaki Muumi  103p./5 show
#6 Pirtek Omino Del Sonno
Top Cardigan Bitch
#5 Pirtek Vento Primavera
#16 Pirtek Usignolo D'Sera
Top Young Cardigan
#2 Pirtek Vento Primavera
#4 Uszaki Muumi 
#9 Pirtek Usignolo D'Sera

 December 03.2006
At Liepaja National Show in Latvia
cardigans "Otto"  Uszaki Blues Brother was BOB-Puppy and Kirsi's "Sini" was BOS-Puppy.
By winning the Champion class "Lenni-Kalle" received CAC's which
made him Latvian Champion under Ms Wieslava Misterka-Klusa !
In Brace Competition pemb. "Lenni-Kalle" & "Kulta"  became BIS-2nd  from seven braces.

December 02.2006
At Tallinn Puppy & Veteran Show in Class of puppies 6-9 months our cardigan "Otto
Uszaki Blues Brother took BOB under Mr Alarik Mrisepp,  Estonia
(There were 4 cardiganpuppies.)

    November 09  -  World Winner 2006 Show,  Poland        *

    Marvellous success in Poland, Pirtek corgis did it !!!            

Unbelievable but believable, our gorgeous pembroke "Lenni-Kalle" did it.
     He was the Best Dog with CC and Cacib so he became our first
     Pirtek World Winner  under Mr Miroslaw Redlicky, Poland !!

     And more great success in Poland:

     Our sweet and beautiful cardigan "
Tuuli" did it also. By becoming BOB-Junior
     with  her third PL JunCC she became the first Pirtek Junior World Winner
     under Mr Kari J舐vinen, Finland !!

     We were also rewarded two new Champion and Winner titles.
     Please congratulate Mr "
     or the title Polish Champion (PL CH) and PL&PZ Winner-06
     and Miss "
Tuuli" for
    Polish Junior Champion (PL JCh)
and PL&PZ JuniorWinner-06 titles !!!

     We are so proud of our Pirtek corgis !!

     We would also like to thank
     Kirsi & Co for helping us achive these memorable titles :)

     Obs! In Champion Class pembroke "
Mortti" was EXC-4 !
             In Open Class cardigan "
Muumi" was EXC-2 !

November 05.2006
At Helsinki Puppy Show in Class of 5-7 months our cardigan "Otto"  UszakiBlues Brother
took BOB under Ms Leni Nousiainen. (There were 7 cardiganpuppies.)

September 17.2006
At Hyvink蒿 Group Show our cardigan "Muumi"  Uszaki Muumi took BOB and CC
making him
Finnish & Lithunian Champion under Mr Alarik Mrisepp, Estonia !

On September 03.2006
 In Poland at Wloclawek National Show
cardigans "Tuuli" took  BOB-JUN with
PL JunCAC and
"Muumi" won Intermediate Class with CAC and 
Nuta"  Pirtek Vento Notturno won Intermediate Class with CAC and took BOS.
Pembrokes "
Lenni-Kalle" took
BOB & CAC and
"Veera" Imago's
Xanthous Vixen took BOS & CAC under Mr Anatoli Zhuk, Belarus !

On September 02.2006
 In Poland, Pruszkow, Znicz Arena at Welsh Corgi
CLUB SHOW-06 cardigan "Tuuli" won
Junior Class with PL JunCAC under Ms
Livja Vaitkeviciene (Gyvates Asara), Lithuania and "Tuuli" also took BOB-JUN & Junior Club Winner 06-title under Mr Leif Herman Willberg.
In the end "Tuuli" became BIS-2-JUN !
Pembroke "
Lenni-Kalle" won Open Class with CAC , cardigan "Muumi" won Intermediate Class
with CAC
and Muumi's littersister "
Vika" Uszaki Viljonkka won Champion Class with CAC
under Mr Leif Herman Wilberg (Siggen痴),  Norway.
Cardigan "
Nuta"  Pirtek Vento Notturno won Intermediate Class with CAC and took
BOS of cardigans and received Club Winner 06-title !
Paput" Uszaki Muumipappa & "Nuta" P. Vento Notturno won the Brace competition :))
      Photos about Club Show -  Club Show'sta kuvia

August 26.2006
 At H舂eenlinna International Show
pembroke-girl Corgon Blue Mitra Kusa "Mitra"
took BOB-Puppy and cardigan "Saku" P. Omino Del Sonno took Cacib & BOS !

August 24.2006
 "Sohvi" was at eye control and she has normal eyes / k舸i silm舩arkastuksessa ja silm舩 OK !

August 20.2006
  at National Dog Show in Toruń, Poland
"Taneli's" son "Paput" Uszaki Muumipappa  took CAC and BOB making him 
Polish Champion
"Taneli''s" daughter "Ryfka" Uszaki Pikku Myy took BOS and
"Wilma's" daughter "Nuta" took her 3rd JunCAC making her  Polish Junior Champion   !

 August 19.2006
 At Kouvola National Show pembroke-girl Corgon Blue Mitra Kusa "Mitra"
took BOB-Puppy under Mr Theo Leenen, Belgium !

 August 13.2006
At Imatra National Show pembroke-girl Corgon Blue Mitra Kusa "Mitra"
took  BOB-Puppy under Ms Zafra Sirik, Israel !

August 12.2006
 at Raisio National Show cardigan "Saku" P. Omino Del Sonno took BOB & CAC making him
Finnish  Champion under Ms Krystyna Opara, Poland !

 July 30.2006
 At Mikkeli International Show young cardigan "Muumi"  took BOB, (thirteenth) CAC
and Cacib under Mr Stelios Makaritis,
Creece !

 July 29.2006
 at Kotka National Show cardigangirl "Sohvi" P. Usignolo D'Sera took BOB & CAC
under Ms Dianne Besoff, Australia !

 July 26.2006
  AnsaHerttaPauliPilvi,  RentoInto and Tuuli 
were at eye control in Porvoo and they all have normal eyes /
k舸iv舩 silm舩arkastuksessa Porvoossa ja kaikilla silm舩 OK !

July 24.2006
 cardigan puppy "Otto" Uszaki Blues Brother arrived to Finland.

July 23.2006
 in Sweden at V舖ter蚶 Lvudden International Show in Champion class pembroke "Lenni-Kalle" took BOS and Cacib making him International Champion under Mr Blaz Kavcic, Slovenien.

 July 22.2006
 in Estonia at Haapsalu National Show  "Pippin"  Pirtek Una Mela D'Maga took
BOB-JUN,  JunCAC and BOB making her Estonian JunChampion & Latvian JunCampion under Mr Manuel Loureiro Borges, Portugal !

On July 16.2006

At Helsinki National Show
Corgon Blue Mitra Kusa "Mitra" took BOB-Puppy
under Mr Paavo Mattila.

ゥ Tarja Pylkk舅en

June 17.2006  
at International Show in Szczecin, Poland "Taneli's" daughter Vika"
Uszaki Vilijonkka
went BOB , winning CAC and Cacib and became Polish Champion !

In Estonia at P舐nu Int Show cardigan "Okri" P. Oro Nero
took BOB, CAC & Cacib under Ms A. Lundava, Estonia and
in Finland at Tuuri National Show cardigan "Tuuli"  P.Vento Primavera 
took CAC & BOB under Ms Tuula Pratt.

 June 10.2006
in Helsinki at European Winner-06 Show "Muumi" won Intermediate Class and
he received ResCAC under Mr Terry Thorn, GB.

 June 09.2006
in H舂eenlinna Aulanko at FWCC Specialty Show-06 our cardigan "Muumi" took  Best Dog
and his twelfth FIN CAC under Mr Graham Hill. There were entered 66 males in.
Muumi's littersister
Vika" Uszaki Vilijonkka  won Intermediate Class and received CAC
under Mr A.G.Taylor.
In Best of Breed competition "Muumi" was BOS under Mr G. Hill and Mr Allan G. Taylor.
 "Muumi" BOS           09.06.06 FWCC Specialty              BOB & BOS
 Photos ゥ Sari K舐ki

On June 03.2006
 In Estonia at Tallinn International Baltic Winner-06 Show pembroke
"Pauli" P. Argento Vivo took BOB-JUN,  JunCAC, BaltJunW-06 title & Best Dod-4th,
pembroke "Mortti" P.Monello D'Perla took BOB & BaltW-06 title and received Cacib making him International Champion under Mr Jamie Hubbard, Australia !

May 28.2006
At J舐venp蒿 National Show 
pembroke  "Mortti"    P.Monello D'Perla was BOS and 
cardigan "Tuuli"  P.Vento Primavera  took CAC & BOB
under Mr Hans-Erik Pedersen, Danmark and what's the best:
in competition of FCI Group-1 under Ms Christiane Broecker, Luxenburg  "
Tuuli"  was chosen the Group Winner !!


"Tuuli"   RYP-1/ Group Winner
BIG/RYP-1 ゥ Kirsi Hotanen

May 25.2006
At Orimattila Group Show cardigan girl  "Tuuli
P.Vento Primavera celebrated her 1 year birthday by taking  BOB and her first CC under Ms Ritva Raita, Finland !


"Tuuli"    ROP / BOB
BOB/ROP-"Tuuli" ゥ E. Lampikari

May 21.2006
At Helsinki Int Show "Muumi" took  BOS, eleventh FIN CC & his second Cacib
under Mr Rafael De Santiago, Puerto Rico !

May 20.2006
In Latvia at Valmiera Int Show   "Pippin"  Pirtek Una Mela D'Maga took BOB-JUN,
JunCAC and BOB under Mr Carlos Saevic, Argentina !

May 14.2006
At Hamina National Show cardigan Pirtek Quercia Forte "Taimi" took BOS & CAC
making her
Finnish & EST Champion under Mr Alar Mrisepp, Estonia!

April 29.2006
 In Estonia at P舐nu Specialty for Brittish Cattledogs "Pippin" Pirtek Una Mela D'Maga
took BOB-JUN, JunCAC, BOB & BIS-3-JUN under Ms Stella Clark, UK !

April 17.2006
 At Lappenranta Int Show "Muumi" took  BOS, tenth FIN CAC & his  first Cacib
under Mr Gert Christensen, Danmark !

April 01.2006
 In Estonia at Rakvere National Show "Pippin" Pirtek Una Mela D'Maga took
BOB-JUN, JunCAC and BOB under Ms Natalia Sedoh, Russia.

March 26.2006
 In Poland at Katowice Int Show "Nutka" Pirtek Vento Notturno won Junior CAC,
"Taneli"s daughter Uszaki Vilijonkka won CAC & ResCacib and her littermate
Uszaki Muumipappa was the second in his class and received ResCacib.

February 13.2006
 pembroke puppy "Mitra" Corgon Blue Mitra Kusa arrived to Finland.

February 12.2006
 In Poland at Bydgoszcz National Show cardigan girl  "Nutka
Pirtek Vento Notturno was BOB-Puppy !  
"Taneli's" daughter Uszaki Pikku Myy took BOB & CAC !

February 12.2006
 In Estonia at Tallinn International Show in Open Class cardigan P. Oro Nero "Okri
won Open Class and became the 2nd Best Dog with ResCacib
under Mr Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway.

On January 13.2006
we celebrated 10th birthday of grandmom
at her home.   Thank you, Helena !

January 08.2006
At Gothenburg International Show cardigan "Muumi" won Intermediate class,
he was chosen the 3rd Best Dog with ResCacib,  cardigan "Wilma" won Champion class
and she became the 2nd Best Bitch with ResCacib.
Pembroke "Lenni-Kalle" took BOS and Cacib under Ms Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland !
Not a worse week-end in Sweden at all !  Thank you Kirsi,  Eila & Micke :)

January 06.2006
In Sweden at Gothenburg  National Show cardigan "Muumi" won Intermediate class
and he was the 2nd Best Dog.
Both pembroke "Lenni-Kalle" P. Linea Calda and cardigan "Wilma" P. Fiume D'Luna
took BOB and CAC making them Swedish Champions under Mr Andrew Brace, GB !

BOB 06.01.06 & BOS 08.01.06 - "Lenni-Kalle"  ゥ M. Bergdahl

BD2 - "Muumi" ゥ Ellie Forsberg

BOB - "Wilma"  ゥ Ellie Forsberg

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